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The law is the law, and in Aurora's case, its life altering. Follow her story and be inspired by her journey from Shock and Denial to Acceptance of her own Accountability.

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“It was a huge pleasure to read [Accountability]. It has made quite an impact on me. Your style, vocabulary, sentence structure, the whole nuance of similarities and metaphors - all a delight to read.”

Susanna Haink
South African | Language teacher | Author | Illustrator

“The misrepresentation of judicial power is mind-boggling. That the authorities did not take into account the individual case, is a crime in itself,”

Melanie Schmitz
Malaysian | Psychologist

“Normally, I’m in bed with a book by ten and I usually read two or three lines before my eyes start to close, but I was up into the wee hours reading this story - I had to find out what happens!”

Nicola Ferger-Andrews
British | PYP Early Years Coordinator

“At first, like Aurora, I couldn’t relate to the violence that prevails in our society. But the suggestions in the program about communicating with your partner, resonated deeply with me. I think that anyone in a relationship, not necessarily a hostile one, can benefit greatly from the lessons and guidelines laid out in the program,”

Lydia Rickard
Australian | Librarian

Read the book in English and said, “Ich bin so begeistert! Es ist echt ein tolles Erlebnis. I can’t wait for the book to come out in German so I can give it to my mother and sister!”

Carolin Heider
German | German Translation Editor

“You really opened yourself up. I guess the whole process made you grow a lot.”

Sabine Rohr
German | Learning Assistant

“I juggled my laptop on the train ride to work because I couldn’t put the book down,”

Liz Sanchez
German | Cuban/American | Early Years Teacher

“You’ve got a way with writing that kept me engaged throughout the whole (!) book. I connected to what happened. It impacted you; no matter how you tried to see it from the outside.”

Kathy Kukura
American | EAL Coordinator

“It reminds me of ‘Orange Is The New Black’,” she said with a nodding smile. “It may have been a terrible ordeal, but I was sure it would turn out well; knowing how her story ends!”

Louise Hart
British | Elementary Education Assistant

“It’s a winner!”

Margi Desmond
American Author | Editor

Book Club Review for Accountability

Official Review for Accountability by Laura Strobel

Accountability by Laura Strobel was a personal account of the author's ordeal after being charged for domestic violence (which she considered a mistake), the dilemma of spending time in jail and having a criminal record, and the lessons she learned along the way.

The author talked about everything from the day of the violence to when she was arrested and prosecuted. She also provided details of her time in prison, her appearances in court, and her conflict control lessons that lasted for twenty-six weeks. Everything was written explicitly and in detail.

The book offered great lessons on relationships and marriage drawn from the experiences of other women. It was not intentional. However, as the author shared her story and that of other women who went through the same predicament, one could easily draw lessons. She exposed the perils of marriage and how women end up with abusive husbands in their quest to escape from their abusive fathers.

The book probably was not intended to have a sense of humor. However, it intrigued and captured my attention entirely.

The book also spread different kinds of emotions. However, sadness and pity were the most dominant ones that I encountered. As I read about her time in prison and the unfortunate stories of women suffering from abuse and domestic violence, I couldn't help but feel pity for them.

I loved how the author included everything necessary — the letters and summons. It made the story look authentic and real, helping the reader relate better to her experiences and that of others. Though some of the things she shared were sensitive, their authenticity would calm the logical tensions.

What I loved the most was the characterization. The author was told not to use people's real names and identities, as some of the things shared in the group were confidential. She did build up solid characters, though. The characters seemed true and authentic; she revealed details about their personalities and complexities. This made the characters vivid, alive, and believable to the readers.

I couldn't find any reason to fault this book. Everything was top-notch — the writing and the delivery were fantastic. The editors should also be applauded for a professional job; I did not find a single error in the book. The book was exceptionally edited. I'd give it four out of four stars.

Accountability offers amazing lessons, so I recommend it to everyone, especially women who are going through abuse or domestic violence. | 5th of December 2020


As well as offering the story in both printed and ebook versions Laura has also narrated the story herself, giving you the most authentic experience possible!