The Author and Her Story

Laura Strobel wrote the first draft of this book in 2000.
In a fury, she jotted down all the facts for an outline; to throw it all up and get the poison out of her so she could move on. Then the manuscript lay dormant for almost ten years.

In 2009, Laura answered the beckoning call to take the project further and she worked hard to give voice to the story.

She worked on the text over the next decade and finally finished the job at the end of 2019.

Deciding that it was vital to find out whether her work had an appeal; if it held enough merit in pursuing publication, she asked some of her colleagues and friends to read her story. Laura was over whelmed by the positive feedback that came from each person who kindly took on the task of reading her work. The mindful analysis, criticism, and encouragement gave her the strength to pursue this project. The fact that every person who read the book, got their own personal message from it, and the continual validation that she can help others to see, through her experience, how being accountable for yourself and your own actions is vital to your own personal happiness, Laura feels fortunate to be able to share her story with the world.


As well as offering the story in both printed and ebook versions Laura has also narrated the story herself, giving you the most authentic experience possible!